Tellerwerk - just an introduction

The person behind Tellerwerk is George Bouret born in 1948 who has 10 years’ experience in the restoration of meters. Tellerwerk is a hobby-oriented activity which helps in the restoration of motorcycles. It is not meant to be business, but more a self-fulfilling hobby. The very start was the fact that there are hardly any restoration possibilities for the instruments. By now so much expertise has been accumulated that nearly all parts of meters have been manufactured in house. Flat and curved lenses, stainless steel rims, chrome plated rims for several brands and faces, molds and attachments for repairs are made in house. The test set-up for careful calibration of the instruments makes the restorations even more complete.

Tellerwerk The Workshop

Tellerwerk has a very well equipped workshop with an instrument maker lathe and milling machine. Next to those we have a 20 ton press mainly for making rims. Molds for several brands were made. All this allows parts to be made in house.

Please read here more about the workshop.

Tellerwerk Stock for restorations

Tellerwerk has a substantial stock of parts for several restorations, chrome plated rims for several brands, like Smiths, Veigel, VDO, Veglia and Nippon-Seiki are in stock. Next to that faces for Nippon-Denso and Smiths-Laverda are newly made. Lenses can be cut to size carefully; Smiths lenses are in stock and curved lenses for Nippon Denso is also no problem.